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Earth Mama Empowered Birthing

Birth is a normal, natural process. I believe in a woman’s ability to give birth as well as her right to give birth in the way she chooses. Earth Mama Empowered Birthing provides doula services in the Boulder, Colorado area. I am a certified birth doula, certified hypno-doula, and certified lactation counselor. I work with mamas and partners planning hospital, birth center, and home births.

My goal is to empower women and their partners, through education, to make informed decisions pertaining to their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience. I am here to provide the unique emotional and physical support needed throughout this process by each family I work with. My hope is to make this journey as peaceful, empowering, and special as I can for each new mama and her family.

I have also created a number of resources for birth professionals.  My goal through these resources is to enable doulas and other birth professionals to better empower and support the families they work with.

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Links to my services and products:

Resources for Birth Professionals

My Birth Doula Services

My Sibling Doula Services

Resources for Expectant Parents

“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers [and fathers] ~ strong, competent, capable mothers [and fathers] who trust themselves and know their inner strength.” -Barbara Katz Rothman