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“On your birthing day, not only is your baby being welcomed into the world, but also you and your partner are simultaneously being transformed into parents. There is no other single day in our lives when we are asked to do, be and experience so many things. Protecting the sacredness of this event is a doula’s priority.”
-Justine Julian

As your birth doula, I will take a holistic approach to helping you prepare for the birth of your child(ren) and the period following their birth. I will answer your questions and provide you with resources on optimal fetal positioning, evidence-based care, newborn procedures, and many other topics, including any you are interested in learning more about. We will discuss your birth preferences as well as what you want my role to be at your birth. We will also practice different positions and talk about comfort measures we can use.

I will join you whenever you feel you need me during your birthing time (labor) and stay with you until you have breastfed (if desired) and you are all settled in after the birth. I will check in with you in the days following your birth to ensure breastfeeding is going well, chat about your birth, and answer any questions you may have about your newborn or your transition into parenthood.

Included in My Birth Doula Services:

  • A complimentary meeting over the phone or at a neutral meeting place for us to chat and see if my services are right for you – If you decide you want to move forward and hire me as your doula, a signed contract and retainer fee are required before our first prenatal meeting.
  • Two prenatal visits (1-2 hours each at your home or other location of your choosing)
  • An additional prenatal visit if there is a significant change in plans at the end of your pregnancy
  • Access to my lending library and collection of resources
    Kobie House Photography

    KobieHouse Photography

  • Unlimited phone and email support leading up to and for four weeks after your birth
  • Backup doula on call in case an unexpected situation arises – You may meet the backup doula ahead of time if you desire.
  • Continuous birthing time support beginning whenever you wish for me to join you until 1-2 hours postpartum
  • One postpartum visit (1-2 hours at your home)
  • Your own rebozo to keep

Investment for My Birth Doula Services: $800

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