Doula – Jasmine Schrader


Earth Mama Empowered Birthing

My name is Jasmine Schrader, and I am a proud mama of three wonderful, young daughters. I was a middle school science teacher for many years before the birth of my first child. It was then that I realized how powerful and life-changing one’s birth experience can be.

My oldest daughter’s birth turned a life-long interest in women’s rights, pregnancy, and birth into a desire to work with other mamas and families during this special time in their lives. My children’s births also taught me the importance of being knowledgeable and prepared but yet flexible and calm when things do not go as planned, which I bring to the work I do as a doula.

I feel incredibly fortunate to now be able to spend my life doing two things I love – raising our girls and working with expectant and new parents during this amazing journey. I also enjoy running, yoga, swimming, camping, and traveling.

I am passionate about helping women develop trust in their bodies and their body’s ability to give birth and breastfeed. Birth should be a sacred, beautiful experience, and I am passionate about protecting this space for new families. As a VBAC mama myself, I also have a personal interest in supporting mamas who desire a VBAC.

Recently, I have also become very interested in helping other doulas and birth professionals develop their full potential. The more knowledgeable, professional, passionate birth professionals we have in the world, the more families will be reached and supported.  This is how the idea of creating toolkits for birth professionals came to be.  I have really enjoyed returning to the role of an educator.  I work with new birth professionals who are struggling to get their birth business started in an effective manner.  I help them to smoothly get everything up and running so they can spend their time focusing on the work they are setting out to do in the birth world.

My Qualifications

“Just as a woman’s heart knows how and when to pump, her lungs to inhale, and her hand to pull back from fire, so she knows how and when to give birth.”
-Virginia Di Orio