Supplemental Handouts for Birth Doulas

Supplemental Handouts for Birth Doulas –
A set of materials that enables you
to better support your doula clients

Do you want to share well-thought-out resources with your doula clients so they can have a more informed, empowered birth and postpartum experience?  Are you wanting to make a workflow checklist for your doula business but don’t know where to start?  Supplemental Handouts for Birth Doulas has you covered!

When you download Supplemental Handouts for Birth Doulas, you will receive 7 client handout templates and a template for your workflow checklist that you can start using immediately in your doula business.  Additionally, you will receive a short description of each included document, and tips on how you may be able to incorporate them into your doula practice.

Here’s what is included in Supplemental Handouts for Birth Doulas:

  • 7 Client Handout Templates –These handouts are ready to use with clients.
    • Birth Plan Template
    • Cesarean Birth Plan Template
    • Birth Plan Tips
    • Planning for the Postpartum Period
    • Postpartum Tips
    • Birth Partner Checklist
    • Ways to Prepare (for the birth and beyond)
  • Workflow Checklist Template – “Workflow Checklist” refers to a thorough checklist that includes all of the things you need to do and want to cover from the time a client hires you until you are done following up with them postpartum. This template is the workflow checklist I use in my personal doula business.  It can easily be modified to fit you and your practice.
  • A quick reference list of all documents included with this set, along with ideas and suggestions for how you can use them to get the most out of your investment.

Save yourself time!  These 8 copy and paste templates will be sent to you as Microsoft Word documents and can be easily customized and made your own.

Download Supplemental Handouts for Birth Doulas

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