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Jasmine was amazing! She answered all of our questions and provided amazing knowledge and articles, which helped us make the right decisions for our birth plan. She was there when we needed her to be, and was extremely helpful during the labor and delivery. She honored all of our requests and gave educated advice! She was everything we needed in a doula! We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula. Her support will be something we will never forget! :) ~Jennifer

Jasmine was our doula for the birth of our first child. It took me a little while to convince my husband of the benefits of a doula, but after meeting Jasmine, he was sold! She’s so passionate, well informed and up-to-date on the latest research. Unsurprisingly, our birth didn’t go at all according to plan, but Jasmine jumped right in and helped out tremendously as we all improvised. Most importantly, in the minutes after our little girl was born, a somewhat pushy nurse was telling us to do things not in our birth plan. In our dazed and confused state, my husband and I would have easily gone along with it, had it not been for Jasmine reminding us of our intentions. At least one of us was thinking clearly and we are grateful for it!! ~Bridie

We are so glad we chose Jasmine to be the sibling doula for our 2 ½ year old daughter. Before, during, and after the birth, Jasmine was a positive and calming presence for our family. She helped us prepare contingency plans, provided ideas for helping our daughter share the experience, and took the time to learn about our daughter’s routine. During my birthing day, I was completely confident that our daughter was being well-cared for. Our daughter was in the room for the birth and we got to share some special moments together during labor and right after the birth. Jasmine helped make this special day even more special for us all and we are so glad we hired her! ~Laura

We hired Jasmine as a sibling doula for our daughter. She has a very gentle and caring approach with children and we knew our daughter was well taken care of. We appreciated her dedication and presence during our birth and helping our daughter experience the birth of her sister with us. Before, during, and after the birth, Jasmine’s service was meaningful and thoughtful and we highly recommend her! ~Christina

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